Welcome to Broad Street Renovations.

Hopefully your not getting dizzy looking at this as it really serves no purpose other than to distract you!

                 won't be a lot
                 Bells and Whistles
                    but as long as the information
                      helps keep you informed,
                     Life IS Good!

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I created a different gallery to
enable YOU to see more pics while it
permits ME to post them faster.
Just click on the link below labeled
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You will be able to see hundreds
of pictures.  🙂
Um - I think you just passed the button if
are already down to THIS line. It is
right there - above this paragraph, I think.
Plus, there are more pictures in the form
of a slideshow beneath the last set of videos.
I will say this also, the reason there is a
large span between the videos is to be able to
provide you the with opportunity to get a
better view of the exterior of the
House on Broad Street.

                                                                                                             🙂 Nice Place. 🙂

I was in a hurry this night as it was getting late and I was trying to get done fast.
When I say contacted - I am referring to contact paper.
I referred to the threshold as moulding and of course I talk faster than I should
mute button makes it better... 🙂🙂🙂
For the record, the windows DID get washed, in the beginning,
but after generating so much dust - they could have used another cleaning.


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