What’s in it for me?

Too many times I am sure we have all met, a situation where that question arises – be it from your own mind/voice or from another mouth nearby.

Many people simply refuse to extend certain efforts or skills – if there is not anything IN IT, for them – this is really a sad situation too.

This is truly a pet peeve of mine – just saying…

Why can’t the reward be the act itself of doing a kind thing for another?

People do not realize just how much more will come back to them – when they stop thinking about just themselves when they do things and they try to help others without asking nor expecting something in return.


An addendum to Inevitable Ponderings

I think I will be needing to elaborate a bit more on the section in the aforementioned article pertaining to infatuation and the ways men have a tendency to fool ourselves into thinking about our imaginative ways of thinking of woman and the thoughts we create that help us get through some days.

There is much to be said about the way a person’s mind can work when it comes to our daily ’emotional needs’. ¬†Of course for many of us, they are often minimal, while others could use a book to document them. ¬†Regardless – our emotional needs do exist, in one form or another.